Frequently asked questions

After your order processing is completed the payment will taken out automatically out of your bank account. 

Wish list is the part out of your order, meaning: your have chosen some of our product and your not sure which one of them you want, instead of putting all the  products to your cart you will put it through your  wish list  and after making sure about the product or products you want you will add it to your card and the order processing will begin.

Contact the customer service and request for changing your product, our team will contact you shortly.

For changing your product or canceling your order you have to contact the customer service and request for changing or canceling your order, after that our team will contact you shortly to go through your request.

Canceling your order it is only possible for the local orders.

for the local deliveries it will take 48 to 72 hours, when your order is out for delivery our delivery team will contact you to Confirm the location and time with you.

For international orders, from our side your order will be ready for delivery with in max 72 hours, but for the delivery time it is up to customer which company they’ll chose for their delivery. 

For the delivery you need to have your ID with you, we want you and us to be sure that we deliver to the right person

IF you want your delivery to be collected with one your family member or friends, you need to contact our customer service, and provide the ID from the person that you want to collect your product. 

all of are products is 18k gold with the ceacertificate.

When you are done with your ordering process , you will receive a number for your order, with that number you can go to DESIGNE YOUR OWN JEWELRY page and submit your name ,your order number and what changes you want for your product.

Once you become a VIP member of ROOFIA whenever you order a product that can be customized , we will give you one of the options for free.

whenever you want to sell any piece of your jeweler that was bought from us, we will buy it from you.

yes we can do that for local deliveries. when the delivery contacts you, you can ask them to do so but there might be a time difference.